Tamara Kennedy DeMarco

Painting Pictures with Words

Tamara Kennedy
15 January

Tamara Kennedy DeMarco

Age: 22
sex: female
appearance: five foot eight,average-ish weight (somewhat curvy), somewhat attractive, black hair, brown eyes (frequently wears blue or green contacts though) - usually dresses somewhat goth-casual
Abilities: good memory, artistic talent, strength and speed
Personality/temperament: Moody, artistic temperament, kind and compassionate usually, helpful, petulant when angry, stubborn, somewhat dependent on her big brother, Tony (worlds_of_pain)

Tamara can be somewhat wary with strangers, but would do anything for close friends. She is very strongly attached to her brother, and would do anything for him.

Family is important to her - she's very close to her adoptive brother Tony, and their parents. She was adopted when still an infant because the DeMarcos couldn't have any more children and wanted a companion for Tony. When she was a young teen, Tamara started searching for her birth parents with the DeMarcos blessing and assistance, but hasn't had any luck yet.

Tamara enjoys spending some time in solitary activities like painting or drawing, but also enjoys games, parties, and large gatherings. A good balance between introverted and extroverted.

Tamara Kennedy DeMarco grew up in Manhattan with her parents and older brother Antonio. She had a pleasant childhood, in which she was loved and well taken care of. She excelled in art, and was sent to an art magnet high school. Her worst subject in school was math, and she still has a hard time with some of the higher math concepts ("That's why god invented calculators," she says). For a while she studied art at Columbia, but with the recent troubles, she switched her major to liberal arts.

When Tony got involved in Friends of the Guardians, they somewhat drifted apart. And now that he is training for the 2012 Olympics, she is seeing even less of him. This makes her rather unhappy.

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